In the area of inheritance and family law, as well as questions regarding asset succession, we advise wealthy individuals and families on the legal aspects of asset management. The timing as well as the transfer of one’s own assets to the next generation is a major challenge. We support our clients in taking advantage of the various options for Structuring asset transfers to the next generation. The preservation of value, tax optimisation and the fairness of a sustainable arrangement to maintain peace among family members are key objectives.

In addition, we advise our clients on the appropriate matrimonial property regime, draft prenuptial agreements for them and make provisions by drafting testamentary dispositions. When dealing with heirs, different expectations and interests often collide. We assist our clients in asserting their interests during these often complex disputes.

The endowment transaction is a core component of the establishment of an endowment under civil law with legal capacity. We comprehensively prepare the endowment transaction and advise our clients on all issues arising during the endowment's existence.

We develop our proposed solutions in the areas of inheritance and family law as well as asset succession in a tax-optimised manner.

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