Globalisation and worldwide economic interdependencies have significantly increased the need for transnational enforceability of many legal regulations.

Despite significant international agreements on the unification of law, such as the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods or the EU Commercial Agents Directive, Incoterms®, arbitration and rules on the enforceability of court decisions abroad, commercial contracts are highly complex in terms of the applicable international or national law. In addition, there are unwritten trade customs and customary laws. Merchants therefore need pragmatic as well as legally and fiscally sound advice to minimise risks.


Starting with the selection of your trading partner and the contract negotiation up to the settlement of your trade transactions as well as the settlement or enforcement of international claims, we competently assist you.

Commercial agents or authorised dealers must also be integrated into your network fairly and correctly from a legal point of view. Mistakes in the drafting of contracts often prove risky and costly in retrospect.

Our experts create a legally secure strategy tailored to your needs - in the drafting of contracts as well as in the settlement of disputes or the enforcement of claims.