bitsCrunch – the NFT Blockchain Ecosystem Guardians

Vijay Pravin Maharajan, the founder and CEO of the Munich-based startup “bitsCrunch” explains the business model: “bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics company that was founded in Munich in 2021 in the middle of the global pandemic. When the whole world was chasing the hype around NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), we looked at the dark side of NFTs. We were able to find a lot of so-called “wash trades”, and we recognized another opportunity to build a fair price estimation tool for NFTs with artificial intelligence (AI). We want to be the ecosystem guardians (police) of the NFT space. With the support of some Tier 1 and Tier 2 investors, we are on the right track. Just at the end of 2021, we were awarded as one of the emerging startups in Germany 2021.”  With a variation of AI-based services, bitsCrunch’s fast-growing team is enabling its customers to have an unprecedentedly secure and reliable trading experience with the long-term goal of protecting the ecosystem of NFT’s worldwide. And that’s just the beginning.


bitsCrunch Founder & CEO Vijay Pravin Maharajan about working with CORPLEGAL:

"The German legal landscape can often be something completely new and unfamiliar to international startups. We got in touch with CORPLEGAL because we were looking for a reliable and competent partner, and the rest just fell in place. From the processes of starting our business to specialised legal advice on blockchain technology, to hospitality: the team at CORPLEGAL impressed us in everything! I recommend them without hesitation to all those who want professional advice on starting a business. And the best part? In addition to the office in Germany, the firm also has representatives and equally competent partners abroad, so that international legal assistance can be assured impeccably."